Sunday, February 7, 2010

work challenge

Half year end of 2009 had been challenging but I managed fairly well. Despite being new in student affairs department I have a reasonably well understanding of what student affairs management is all about. With a resourceful boss, a very supportive all-student leader and motivation from colleague-friends my spirit and enthusiasm were sky high. The 3 papers we worked on student centre, student sports centre and students transports (bus and van) were through and approved. God gave me a son..much more than what I asked for..alhamdulillah. Few student leaders with the right frame-of-mind appeared and helped the new student orientation program. Very encouraging.

I thought I started well in 2010. The training model on student leadership and teamwork which the trainer, student leader and me worked on works. A new horizon of positive and exemplary bunch of students emerged. Thanks to almighty Allah. Next the MTS was so near to success but I had spoiled it..I had broken my own all-these-while DTA principle.. As a result I paid a high price for it.. a substantial amount of my cash, dignity and I crushed the FMTS leader's faith in me..huhu.. The pain is too much to bear alone..

Then stinks caused by some skunks appeared one after another. Those unblessed souls were searching for white souls as slaves for their own selfish agenda. I pity those skunks and the 'naives' but decided those we not my problems since those skunks were there long before me. My sifu had taught me well 'once a skunk always a skunk'.

I am glad that I was holding tight to the Quran in those challenging moments. Surah 16:119-128. Allah has shown me his love and blessings in kinds..subhanallah. I still hold to the principle "If thing can go right, it should" but with some changes to suit my 'new path'..(smile)


  1. Cool... dear.. ALLAH b with U..
    I'll always `DOA for U in my prayer...
    Take care and all the best to U.. my dear ;-}

  2. Thank you. I would like to doa for you too. If only I could know who..